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Leatherwood Honey Frozen Fruit

Leatherwood Honey Frozen Fruit

PRI Team
2 minute read

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Leatherwood: the official honey of summer. Yeah, we know...bold statement. But would we lie to you? Never. 

One of the most unique tasting kinds of honey out there with strong floral and citrus notes and a hint of...well something we just can't put our finger on but the flavor combo paired with fruit is a taste experience you do not want to miss. 

Considered one of the rarest kinds of honey in the world Leatherwood is, of course, made by the bees and brought to us with the help of some VERY patient beekeepers. The Leatherwood tree only grows in remote regions of Tasmania and takes 80-100 years to bloom! 

Now, on to the delicious stuff... our favorite way to bring all the summer vibes to your next picnic, bbq, party, or when you just need a tasty, healthy treat on a hot day: Leatherwood Frozen Fruit.

It's really simple - 

Step 1: Pick your fruit (we chose watermelon and blueberries, but you really can't go wrong)

Step 2: Slice your fruit & mix in the Leatherwood honey, making sure each piece is evenly coated.

Step 3: Lay it on a baking sheet and freeze

Step 4: Enjoy! Eat it straight, atop your ice cream, and add it to your water or other favorite beverage...the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

Our family is really lucky to have access to some of this amazing honey and to be able to offer it at a reasonable price. We can't wait to hear what you create!

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