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Manuka, Propolis & Sea Salt for Natural Oral Care.

Replace your family’s entire oral care routine with these ingredients!

Manuka Honey

Study after study shows that Manuka Honey helps reduce plaque by preventing the development of biofilms, which is what makes plaque so hard to remove. It also restricts bacteria formation preventing tooth cavities and other gum problems.

Fine New Zealand Sea Salt

A sea salt rinse can balance your mouth’s pH levels, preventing the growth of bacteria. It can also soothe bleeding gums, sore throats and heal canker sores faster.

Manuka Oil 100%

Manuka oil is shown to be up to 33x more effective against most bacteria than tea tree oil. It has also been tested alongside peppermint oil against two of the most common oral pathogens and again found more effective. Manuka oil is generally considered one of the most antibacterial & antimicrobial oils in existence.

CPL® Bee Propolis Extract

Propolis has shown to be a fantastic natural addition to oral care that will actively fight harmful bacteria and prevent plaque formation!

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Do you know what the #1 reason for poison control calls involving children is?

Ingestion of fluoride toothpaste. If that isn’t a reason to switch up your kid’s oral care routine, we don’t know what is!