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Free Shipping on orders $35+

Manuka Honey Sticks

$ 6.49

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Our Honey Sticks are perfect for that daily dose of Manuka when you‘re on the go. To be able to enjoy your daily dose of Manuka Honey, you can enjoy this natural wonder directly from the stick itself.

At PRI, our Honey Sticks are just the shot of something good to give your immune system the boost it needs. A health beneficial power-up for your day-to-day, these are enjoyable for both adults and kids alike.

Made with Manuka Honey MGO 60+, our Honey Sticks can be popped into your morning tea, coffee, yogurt, granola, or even eaten on its own. This makes it not only convenient but highly variable in the way you consume your health-beneficial honey, especially since our honey is made with absolutely nothing artificialno colors, flavors, or preservatives.