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PRI: Meet The Brand - The original importer of Manuka Honey!

PRI: Meet The Brand - The original importer of Manuka Honey!

PRI Team
2 minute read

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Pacific Resources International (PRI) - the name that first brought manuka honey to the United States market over 30 years ago. Where did it start? Warning: the tale is as gooey as the honey we sell!

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away…also known as New Zealand, a young surfer named David Noll embarked on a vacation that would change his life forever. He fell head over heels for a Kiwi named Linda, her captivating country, and the remarkable benefits of manuka honey. What started as a holiday soon transformed into a 13-year journey filled with love, marriage, children, and close connections with some of the finest beekeepers in NZ.

When the time came for David and Linda to return to California in the 1980s, they carried with them a vision that was as sweet as the honey they cherished. David, fueled by his passion for manuka honey, began establishing the very first company to introduce this golden elixir to the U.S. market - Pacific Resources International!

PRI is more than just a company; it is a family-owned and operated business. We collaborate with multi-generational beekeepers who share our unwavering commitment to the well-being of bees. Every batch of our manuka honey undergoes rigorous independent testing to ensure both purity and potency, surpassing the standards set by the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). 

Transparency is a core guiding principle, which is why each jar of PRI manuka honey features a QR code on the lid. By scanning it, you can access the test results for your specific batch and information about the MPI-approved lab that conducted the testing!

At PRI, we believe in protecting our future, educating our present, and preserving the health of our land, bodies, and spirits. Naturally.

Thus, we offer the broadest range of manuka products available on the market. From manuka and propolis oils, tinctures, cough, cold, and flu remedies to beauty products and delightful treats, you will find the right fit for your budget and health needs. 

Moreover, a portion of every honey purchase contributes to the Save the Bees Foundation. From our family to yours, we thank you for supporting our small business, our beekeeping partners, and the bees themselves. It is truly an honor to help you feel and do your best.

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