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Free Shipping on orders $35+!

Nectar Ease Manuka Honey with Bee Venom

$ 39.99

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Traditionally used as a therapeutic solution for joint inflammation, pain, and even rheumatic conditions, potent, yet natural bee venom is now available in our PRI Nectar Ease.

Made from Manuka honey harvested in New Zealand, our Nectar Ease is then imported to the USA and has helped people keep fit, active, and pain-free.

Not only is our Nectar Ease an all-natural product, the process of extraction is also done naturally, with no bees harmed in the collecting of the venom.

The Manuka Honey comes in a 500 g package and contains no additives and or preservatives.


  •     Certified kosher and 100% Raw Nectar Venom
  •     Contains NO additives or preservatives
  •     Retains all the natural properties
  •     No bees harmed in the process
  •     Reduce dosage if side effects develop due to allergies

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