Salty BBQ Kit

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Are you an avid BBQ enthusiast?? or maybe you just love those summer nights and smokey BBQ flavors?

Well this Salty Kit contains all our favorite BBQ seasoning salts, our smooth and silky Raw Organic Honey for that perfect glaze or marinade, and our decadent Avocado & Garlic dressing. 

Get yo grill on 🥩

Items in Box:

Raw Organic Australian Honey -500g

Natural Chipotle BBQ Salt

Natural Mesquite BBQ Salt

Gourmet Flaky Sea Salt

Avocado & Garlic Dressing 250ml

Honey Spoon*

*Honey spoon design may vary 

Australian Organic Honey

Collected straight from the hives in New South Wales, Australia is unpasteurized, unprocessed and unfiltered, packed full of all the natural goodness raw honey has to offer.

Chipotle BBQ Pacific Sea Salt

New Zealand meets Louisiana BBQ.

PRI's finest, naturally dried sea salt combined with a unique Louisiana formula from a special family blend of herbs and spices for a unique southern BBQ taste.

Mesquite Smoked Pacific Sea Salt

The Pacific Sea Salt is combined with the secret Louisiana family smoked Mesquite process to captivate your favorite Cajun, BBQ dishes, give that special twist to a salad or scrambled eggs (More recipes here). Naturally healthy Sea Salt with that down home Mesquite flavor.

BioGro Flaky Sea Salt

New Zealand BioGro Certified Sea Salt

  • Natural drying process by sun and wind
  • Harvested from the clean oceans around New Zealand
  • Certified by BioGro New Zealand
  • Contains NO additives, only ingredient Pacific Sea Salt
  • Retains all the natural trace elements
  • Contains naturally occurring Iodine, nothing added

Avocado & Garlic Dressing

A creamy finish for garden fresh salads & vegetables

The perfect accompaniment to all things savory. Toss through potato, green or roasted vegetable salads. Wild Appetite is made in New Zealand from local ingredients. Naturally non-GMO

Wood Honey Spoon

Wooden honey spoon with a long handle makes it easy to use, and is convenient to get honey out of the jar.

Spoons are reusable.