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Australian Organic Honey

$ 14.45 $ 16.99

As unpasteurized, unprocessed, and unfiltered as it gets, our Organic Raw honey is a minimally-processed product, made to fit your taste buds. Capitalizing on the pureness and sweetness of raw honey, we extract our Organic Raw product from the hives of our local beekeepers, who specialize in producing only the highest quality honey.

Organic Raw is collected specifically in Australia and then shipped all over the world. With the natural benefits that raw honey has to offer. We minimally process the honey, which helps it retain the beneficial propolis, wax, and pollen that can help your health as well as your taste buds.


  •     Great with your morning tea, coffee, or toast.
  •     Sweet, raw honey
  •     Certified kosher
  •     Contains NO additives or preservatives
  •     Retains all the natural trace elements

Connecting land, people, & purity of sourcing to health.

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