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Free Shipping on orders $49+

Australian Leatherwood Honey

$ 17.99

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With a unique and a very distinct taste, you‘ll be surprised by your own taste buds. Extracted directly from the leatherwood tree, which is located mostly in Tasmania we have to wait almost 80 years until each tree is ready to flower. However, our Leatherwood Honey is proof of the fact that great things take time.

Not only does it have a smooth, creamy texture similar to other honey on the market, but it also has a very unique, spicy yet buttery taste, with floral and citrus notes. This makes our Leatherwood Honey a sought-out product.


  •     Great with your morning tea, coffee, or toast.
  •     Sweet honey with floral and citrus notes
  •     Certified kosher
  •     Contains NO additives or preservatives
  •     Retains all the natural trace elements

*Clearance items are non-refundable and final sale. Slight crystallization may be present, but is completely normal and disappears when running the honey jar under warm water.

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