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chocolate fondue

Tropical Chocolate and Honey Fondue

This delicious Tropical Chocolate and Honey Fondue recipe is a fun and easy recipe to enjoy with your friends and family! Why not give it a try with our New Zealand Multiflora Honey?



  1. 1/3 cup whipping cream
  2. 3 Tbs Multiflora Honey
  3. 7 oz dark chocolate, grated
  4. 1 Tbs. Cointreau liqueur
  5. 1 Tbs. finely chopped macadamia nuts
  6. 1 ripe pineapple, cut into chunks
  7. 2 large ripe mango’s, cut into chunks
  8. 1 cup of strawberries


  1. In a medium saucepan, bring cream and Multiflora Honey to a bare simmer. Stir in chocolate, and remove from heat. Let sit 5 minutes, then whisk until smooth. Stir in Cointreau and macadamias.
  2. Pour into a bowl, and serve immediately beside bowls of pineapple, mango and strawberry skewers to seize and dip fruit.

*Serves 4

Based on a recipe from: Better Nutrition Magazine

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