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Positive Solutions > Resolutions

Positive Solutions > Resolutions

The New Way to Start the New Year

It's that time of year again, and we're sure you're thinking: "oh great, here's another brand talking about resolutions and how to be 'better' next year if we buy their products 🙄”.

Here's the thing, though, we're not going to. Well, we will do the first part, just differently from how you think. Bear with us here.

At PRI, transparency is one of our four core values. Often, that means transparency in sourcing, labeling & your ability to see your honey’s test results quickly. In our blog and social posts, it might translate into what words we use to describe our product’s abilities and ensure we are always sharing studies. It also means openness in sharing our beliefs & values to better connect with our partners and customers.

In our constant quest to be more transparent, we have many conversations about the meaning of words. Some words or phrases are defined in the dictionary in one way but used by the general public or brands in another way. Some examples you might be familiar with are “all-natural” or “made with organic ingredients.”

For instance, many products only need to contain 95% organic ingredients to be certified organic! 

After having those conversations, & rereading last year's blog post about our top tips for making realistic resolutions, we had a moment of clarity about two things. 

1 - Our tips culminated into one core feeling:  Positive Solutions > Resolutions.

2 - We've always known that we don't need to go on the newest diet, track every bit of food put into our bodies, or cause massive amounts of stress trying to cut out our favorite foods simply because someone said it was terrible for us. 

The missing first step.

Even so, we were still missing a critical first step: The need to approach WHY we want to change the things we want to change about ourselves. 

Which of our desired changes come from toxic societal influence or past trauma, and which will genuinely serve us in the long run? Once we've done that, we can look at what remains as a puzzle (not a problem) that we can only solve by creating positive solutions and showing kindness to ourselves. 

So, in 2023 our quest is to be vigilant: 

Vigilant against unrealistic resolutions.

Vigilant against negative self-speak.

Vigilant against the constant seeking of a perfection which does not exist.

Vigilant against applying restrictions to ourselves that don't honor our bodies, our souls & our heritage.

Vigilant in our defiance of fear. 

So how do you practice this in everyday life?

We asked our CFO Kristy and some of our friends to share their thoughts on resolutions, honoring yourself, and tips about using positive solutions to become the best version of yourself possible.

Here is what our CFO Kristy Oakley had to say about unrealistic resolutions & how to make real change instead: 

“Resolutions - realistic or not - I don’t make them. I never have and never will. My family and friends that have made them rarely keep them long and then feel bad or guilty for not. This is unneeded pressure and guilt for a change you THINK you need to make and declare to the world.  

Real change happens in those quiet moments by yourself when no one is looking, and you have come to a place where you are ready and able to make whatever change that may be. 

If you are not ready, it can be a constant struggle despite many best attempts! 

Don’t let what you think others think you should change be a goal. Start with loving yourself where you are right now. When going out into the world, you have to be happy with who you are right now….not who you were, not who you will be, but who you are today in each moment. 

In this mindset, amazing things can happen, and realistic goals can be made and achieved. You are your greatest cheerleader! 

This is a challenging task, as loving yourself can be one of the most complex hurdles to jump. And sometimes, it is a daily challenge. I remind myself constantly! 

My daily tips:

1 - Be aware of those around you, and help make someone’s day by just noticing them 

2 - Smile even when you feel crappy(surprisingly, this actually helps bring happiness into your day!)

3 - Be thankful even if just for waking up to a new day or that first cup of tea or coffee ...it has a knock-on effect, you will see!”

Body-Positive Registered Dietitian Nutritionist & owner of Beautiful Eats & Things says: 

This phrase “Vigilant against applying restrictions to ourselves that don't honor our bodies, our souls & our heritage” resonates with me. It reminds me that you don’t have to deprive or restrict yourself from things that bring you joy as a way to make positive changes. It also reminds me to be proud of who I am and where I come from.

Everywhere we turn, we face unrealistic body goals and unsolicited health advice encouraging us to fit society’s unattainable beauty standards. This year, challenge yourself to put YOU first and learn to appreciate YOU. This includes doing things that make you feel good—such as saying a few positive affirmations each morning before starting your day, giving yourself permission to eat and enjoy a meal instead of worrying about calories and weight gain, or simply telling your body, Thank You. Remember that you are enough, so start celebrating everything that makes you uniquely YOU!”

Lisa Fennessy, the founder of The New Knew, is on a mission to make non-toxic living the norm. Here’s her experience with defying fear and how you can too:

I was terrified when I stopped dying my hair. I spent a lot of energy worrying about what I would look like and what others would think. I wavered, I wondered,d and I second-guessed myself again and again and again. Basically, I was living in a state of fear. 

Fast forward 2 years, and I had myself a cute gray shoulder-length bob, an attitude of gratitude, and a new frame of mind, and I loved the way I looked. 

Going from a state of fear about gray hair to absolutely loving my gray hair taught me so much. It blew my world open because something I 100% believed in was no longer true to me, and all of a sudden, I had power over it rather than it having power over me. 

I'm forever grateful for this experience because not only has it gifted me freedom in a way I never knew possible but it's invited me to examine other areas of my life a little more closely and to be able to separate fear from wants, fear from desires and fear from getting in the way of me living the biggest expression of myself. 

Want a few tips to do the same? Here's what helped along the way: 

  1. Use the buddy system. Doing something scary for the first time? Find someone to do it with. There is strength in numbers, and this will hold you accountable.  
  1. Change your reality. I never saw women my age with gray hair, so I started following them online and on social media. This normalized gray hair in my feed and, in turn, had a positive effect on my mindset. Something that looked so hard all of a sudden didn't seem so hard or abnormal anymore.  
  1. Failure is not failure. Many of our journeys are not linear. I decided to go gray, and then I dyed my hair again. Was that a failure? NO! That was ultimately me getting one step closer to resoluteness. Go easy on yourself and know that vigilance can look like many things.”

50+ health, fashion, and lifestyle content-creator & founder of Life with Gloree B, Gloria Bissessar says: 

“In this virtual world where people usually show what is considered exciting or what may appear to be perfect lives, it is easy for us to want to be all those things, but the truth is, many aren't showing the less-than-perfect parts of their lives. 

This new year, I plan to show those less-than-perfect parts of my life so that others get a more realistic view of who I am. It is important to let others know that it is okay to have an extra inch or two on your waistline or to be struggling with accomplishing a goal. Instead of being consumed with what is not "perfect," let us focus on the good parts and maybe set smaller goals that can bring us closer to the bigger goal.  Let us celebrate all of our wins, from the smallest to the biggest, but most importantly, let us stop comparing ourselves to others. Embrace what is unique or different about you, and know that we are all special in our own way! Be kind to yourself and always be proud of doing YOUR best!!”

In 2023, we hope you’ll join us in vigilantly seeking positive solutions and giving ourselves grace. 





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