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Fruit Salad Spring Rolls with Honey Tahini Sauce

Fruit Salad Spring Rolls with Honey Tahini Sauce

☑️ No-Cook ☑️ Healthy ☑️Delicious = real life summer meal goals
Have you ever made your own spring rolls? If not, you are missing out on an easy & delicious meal perfect for those hot summer days! 

If you have kids, they’ll enjoy helping you put the fruit in the wraps and measuring the sauce ingredients. 

Find the spring roll wrappers at your local Asian or natural grocer & even at some bigger retailers. Most of the packages also have diagrams showing how to wrap them, which is great for beginners!

Fruit Salad Spring Rolls with Honey Tahini Sauce
Yields: 6-8 spring rolls


Honey Tahini Sauce

  • ¼ cup tahini (⅓ for runnier tahini) 
  • 3 tbsp coconut yogurt
  • 2 tbsp PRI Manuka Honey
  • Juice of ½ a lemon 

Fruit Salad Spring Rolls

  • 2 cups strawberries (sliced in quarters)
  • ½ cup pineapple pieces 
  • ½ cup blueberries 
  • ⅓  cup raspberries 
  • 1-2 sliced peaches 
  • ¼ cup Manuka Honey 
  • 1 package Spring Roll Papers


  1. Slice and prepare the fruit. Place it in a container that has a fitting lid. Pour in the Manuka Honey, put the top on and shake until the honey is incorporated over the fruit mixture. Add more honey as needed. Refrigerate the fruit while making the honey tahini. 
  2. In a food processor combine: tahini, coconut yogurt, Manuka Honey, and juice of half a lemon. Blend until well mixed. The mixture shouldn’t separate, but should be creamy and smooth. Pour in a small sauce dish. 
  3. Remove the fruit salad from the fridge and drain the excess liquid from the container. Spring Roll Assembly: Wet your spring roll paper in warm water, transfer to a plate and put in your fruit filling in a line at the edge closest to you. Roll upward, tuck in the sides and keep rolling. Continue until done. Serve with the tahini sauce and enjoy!

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