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2015 Flavor of the Year- Honey

Firmenich names Honey 2015 “Flavor of the Year.”


Pacific Resources is exited honey has been named flavor of the year. “Beyond taste, honey has a multitude of functional benefits for both cooking and baking. Honey attracts and holds moisture, enhancing freshness and shelf-life, and it acts as a binder and thickener for sauces, dressings and marinades. Honey also adds a rich golden or amber touch to finished recipes, can be used as a substitution for granulated sweeteners, or can serve as a simple syrup in cocktails or beverages.” From smoothies to grilling and baking, it is hard to find a flavor of honey that doesn’t pair well with numerous dishes, (PRI Honey Recipes).

In an age where consumers are searching for more natural, artisanal, crafted and locally sourced ingredients, Swiss-based fragrance and flavor company Firmenich sees the potential for honey and has named it the 2015 “Flavor of the Year.”

Mikel Cirkus, Director of Firmenich’s Conceptual Design team says “[Honey] is indeed a classic flavor, yet it is also a flavor which is having an enormous resurgence in popularity in recent years. Product developers are realizing what a fantastic and versatile flavor honey is in regards to combining it with other tonalities.” The trend forecaster for the Flavor Division adds that “honey was an easy choice for 2015.” Honey parings range from sweet and savory, sweet and spicy and sweet and salty. Honey has the ability to enhance the flavor to any dish.

“Product developers are realizing what a fantastic and versatile flavor honey is in regards to combining it with other tonalities, making honey an easy choice for Flavor of the Year,” says Patrick Salord, senior flavorist at Firmenich.

In a world where flavor is everything, Firmenich believes that “honey has the potential to enter the flavor canon in the likes of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, perennial favorites that reach the ultimate flavor adjective: classic.” How sweet would that bee? The future looks bright for honey, and we are exited to see how far honey will go.

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