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Australian Leatherwood Honey

3 Gourmet Honeys You Should Try

Award Winning Rata Honey

Rata Honey comes from the remote forests of New Zealand, is light coloured and has a delicate floral taste that has impressed honey enthusiasts.  It has undergone less processing making it higher in healthy enzymes at the same time keeping its distinctive flavour. This is a single source of energy and immune support for health and wellness. This honey has won gold and silver for packaging in the prestigious London Honey awards 2019.

Rata Honey

Australian Leatherwood Honey- One of the World’s Finest

Leatherwood honey comes from the nectar of the Leatherwood plant’s flower. It is slightly liquid, has a smooth texture and an ochre- yellow colour. It has a clean and fresh flavour, very balsamic with lightly spicy notes in its long finish. This honey is very pleasurable, creamy, and buttery and melts in the mouth.  

It is known to have high level of antioxidants that help prevent ageing and has anti-inflammatory properties which assist the body to fight off certain disease causing agents.

Australian Leatherwood Honey


New Zealand Multiflora Honey- 100% Raw Honey

New Zealand Multiflora Honey is a mixture of nectar collected by the bees from New Zealand’s forest and green pasteurs that creates a rich and flavourful honey. This honey is processed using the “creamed” honey technique to create a honey with beautiful texture. This honey undergone a cool process to retain all its natural properties for health and wellness.

New Zealand Multiflora Honey